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Kristin designs custom art images in pastel.

These are some samples which include still lifes to whimsical landscapes from her travels. Please contact her directly if you are interested in a custom pastel.

Custom Heartoons® LLC.

Kristin will pastel whimsical images of your pet’s face for a gift or for yourself. They are whimsical depictions, and not meant to be actual portraits. Kristin can work from a photograph you send to her. She limits her pastel image to just the face or possibly the face profile to capture it as large as possible on a 9 X 12 sheet. Please specify if you have certain preferences as to background color, etc. Usually Kristin can send the pastel to you within a month from the order date.

The cost is $250 per image (only one animal per sheet), and includes a white mat to ship. Please call to order and to discuss details (Ph: 303.818.8656).