Art Follows Passion

  • November 4, 2015

skiingI design a large collection of skiing and cycling cards to promote the sports and because I love drawing characters and cartoons of skiers and cyclists. Both of my boys have skied since they could walk, and are passionate about skiing and cycling. I remember Ian woke up one morning in early winter, when he was about 3 and his first words were “I smell snow”. I try to create a few new designs of skiers and cyclists each year, and this year 2016 I feature skiing on my calendar. One particular card was inspired when we were receiving about two feet of fresh powder overnight, and I looked out and remarked, “everything’s gonna be all white”, so I have Santa riding his bike in the snow with that quote. the wordplay being “everything’s gonna be all right”. Another card depicts a cyclist with skis on his back riding away, just saying everyone’s favorite words,”powder day”. I like to draw the cards very simplistically with few words.

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